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Leaf Wash

Dragon Juice® as a Leaf Wash


Dragon Juice® is also effective as a Foliar Leaf Wash. Use it to remove dust, debris, and anything else unwanted from your plants, flowers, or grasses. Works well on succulents and cut flowers as well as most rooted plants (Testing is recommended if planing on using on starter plants and/or anything without roots). Dust and debris can block sunlight and reduce your plants ability to photosynthesize properly. Healthy plants will have less stress and will ward off insects naturally! Use Dragon Juice® as a leaf wash to eliminate any and all unwanted issues! Spray once a month or once a week for healthy plants!




When to use Dragon Juice® as a Leaf Wash for your Plants:

* When you must use an organic and natural way to remove unwanted residuals from your plants

* Noticeable Dust on surface of leaves that needs to be removed

* Droopy Leaves and or unhealthy looking plants

* Webbing or abundance of uncommon insects under the leaves of the plant

* Abundance of insects on tops or base of plants

* Specks on the surface of leaves, evidence of insect bites

* Upon insect eradication or removal to eliminate waste products without harming valuable oils on plants and flowers!

* Using Dragon Juice® as a leaf wash will wash away bug excrement and/or any unwanted fertilizers and waste materials from your plants and flowers.

Dragon Juice® brings you proffessional tools and methods right to your fingertips. Dragon Juice® promotes Possitive Plant Growth while washing away any unwanted residual chemicals or wastes left behind by critters or pests. Use Dragon Juice® regularly for optimal results. Dragon Juice® is available for large and small scale applications. Call us today and start using it on your farm!

To find out more about Dragon Juice® Plant Spray for Washing Leaves and Flowers give us a call (303-912-2013) or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to assist you. Learn more about how Dragon Juice® can help clean your final product before it hits the market.




Note: The conditions listed on this page may have additional, related reasons for occurring on plants. This guide is intended as a reference and serves to highlight important instances when Dragon Juice® should be applied. As with any type of plant product, Testing on a small portion of the intended plant is recommended before regular use. Contact us for any questions regarding Dragon Juice® Products.