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What is Dragon Juice?

What is Dragon Juice®?

Q: What is Dragon Juice®?
A: Dragon Juice®is a natural plant spray conditioner. It is the most effective foliar spray available for your plants! It provides trace nutrients to your plants as well as giving them what they need (foliarly) to be healthy. Properly maintained plants make happy & healthy plants, therefore helping them eliminate most common problems on their own.


Q: Why is it called a "plant spray conditioner"?
A: Dragon Juice® is an "all in one" product meaning it helps your plants to take up more nutrients in it's existing system or medium. It effectively eliminates the need for additives and many other toxic and ineffective products,.....
"Foliar Spray" is only the method used to apply Dragon Juice®
"Conditioner" is a better way to describe our products full potential and all of the benefits that it provides to your plants!
Definition of conditioner: A conditioner is something that improves the quality of another material.
Dragon Juice® will improve the quality of your final products (fruit, vegetables, herbs), conditioning your plants for happy harvests!

Q: Why do my plants need to be conditioned?
A: Plants that are put through a production schedule as well as healthy plants, react with your medium of choice. When you water (or feed) them, nutrients are made available by the symbiotic relationship between soil bacteria, soil particles, root surfaces, water pockets, and many other factors. When optimum nutrient uptake is desired Dragon Juice® will help your plants take up more micro and macro nutrient when it is made available! Plants that are conditioned with Dragon Juice® to accept all of the necessary nutrients will outperform any other untreated plant in your garden. Conditioned, healthy plants will have energy necessary to devote to producing excess trichomes and sugars.

Q: How often do I use Dragon Juice® on my healthy garden?
A: Dragon Juice® is designed to be a tool for your garden! In a healthy garden Dragon Juice® will condition your plants to uptake more nutrients instantly! Many happy gardeners use Dragon Juice® to control and achieve their desired height or size before fruit production. Additionally Dragon Juice® helps keep your plants problem free while using naturally derived, ingredients.

Q: What's in it?
Derived from common organic products, earth friendly, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, SAFE to use at any phase of your plants' life even in the final days of harvest. The products that go into making Dragon Juice® are common non-toxic ingredients found in your household "medicine cabinet". Best of all there are no hormones or no plant growth regulators (artificial or natural), no animal parts, no fish or sea products. Dragon Juice® contains no nitrite salts or "processed" or "synthetic" ingredients making it safe for use in flower and at any stages of plant growth. Any unused residuals dissipate into the air and back to natural compounds instantly! No need to worry about introducing moisture that will become a problem in later stages. Dragon Juice® Plant Spray Conditioner is a Patent Pending Invention.
Q: I run an extensive feeding program and want to make sure I am not repeating any macro or micro nutrients, additives or enhancers..... What does Dragon Juice®compare to?
A: Dragon Juice® is unique to any other product on the market place, there is nothing like it on the planet! Dragon Juice® contains trace amounts of potassium (0.7K) and phosphorus (0.1P) delivered in a foliar (spray) application. Macro nutrients are not affected, our foliar spray will help your plants uptake more of the beneficial nutrients that you make available. Works excellent in any properly or improperly fed system and works Great on every type of medium. Dragon Juice®is  an excellent source of zinc for your plants. For use as more than just a salvage method, meaning that Dragon Juice® will show results even when your problems are gone.
Include it in your current nutrient program today!! Call us now and get your discounted sample pack Today!!