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Dragon Juice® Basic Facts

Dragon Juice® Basic Facts

Dragon Juice® Plant Spray Conditioner is unlike any other product on the market.

Let us show you how to get healthy plants in your garden, indoor or outdoor. 1-855-7-iNATURE (746-2887)

Dragon Juice® is 100% Organic, 100% Natural, 100% Non-GMO ingredients, Say NO to synthetic chemicals!  

Dragon Juice® is ladybug-friendly and bee-friendly all day long!


  • Available in 1 quart size up to 8 gallon mix! (used distilled water for best results).
  • Keep refrigerated/frozen.
  • Concentrate may be frozen for up to one year, use within first 12 months for best results.
  • Unmixed concentrate may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days, use within 30 days for best results.
  • Mixed concentrate should be used within 5-7 days for best results.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Use daily from rooted plant up to 2-3 days before harvest.
  • Soak plant leaves on both sides for full application needs, up to twice daily and as little as once every other day when your garden is at its maximum health. Recommended spray time is once daily at sun up.
  • Non-photo toxic - light will not affect spraying times.
  • Cleans up with soap and water if needed.
  • Contains a mix of patent pending organic plant vitamins, organic carbohydrates and organic complex oils.

ASK about Dragon Juice® PM2 Plant Wash for washing your plants free of dust and debris. PM2 is unique in the marketplace. Use it at any stage of plant growth including 1 to 2 days before harvest. Will not wilt, degrade, or minimize the size of your harvest. Use it once and watch debris, dust, plant problems and many other unsightly conditions disappear before your eyes! Try a quart size bottle Today, Go here and click: Add to Cart!



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  • Dragon Juice® Plant Spray Conditioner will enhance you plant to uptake already available micro and macro nutrients.
  • It's better simply because it works! It's a patent pending complex mix to make the overall plant outcome increase substantially, naturally without the use of Synthetics or Plant Growth Regulators.
  • Dragon Juice® products are designed to provide an overall net effect. Meaning that you will notice many positive results from an increase in your plants growth patterns to healthy plants that ward off hosts. You will notice your plants up-taking nutrients also!
  • Because of it's organic and natural properties it has no negative effect on your plants. It breaks down instantly and can easily be washed off the plant where other chemicals or insecticides become part of the plants chemistry and are detrimental to the plant quality and flavor.
  • Based on this principle it is less harmful and can be used around children and pets and on small sensitive vegetative plants. We have designed this amazing spray conditioner to help with growth every day until late bloom and flower season. Now you can have the finest organic quality available at your finger tips!