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We have gathered some of the most common
Frequently Asked Questions.



Q: What is Dragon Juice®?

A: Dragon Juice® is a Foliar Spray for Plants it is available in concentrated 1 oz. and 8 oz. bottles.

Q: What does Dragon Juice® do?
A: Dragon Juice® promotes nutrient uptake at the foliar level. Dragon Juice® is specially designed to have a positive impact on you plants and flowers. I works like an all purpose tool, from leaf wash to problem solver, it does it all.
Q: Can I use Dragon Juice® with the lights on?
A: Yes, Dragon Juice® is safe for use with the lights on or off. For best results we recommend that you spray at sunrise.
Q: Will Dragon Juice® burn leaves or harm my plants?
A: No! Dragon Juice® will not burn leaf tips when used properly. The formula used to create Dragon Juice® is specially designed to promote plant health, while effectively fighting any plant problems without harming valuable essential oils or leaves on your plants.
Q: Is Dragon Juice® safe for use around my house, or will it harm any beneficial insects like ladybugs?
A: Dragon Juice® is safe and non-toxic, it will not harm cats, dogs, small children, or any beneficial hard shelled insect.
Q: I have heard of the benefits in using a foliar feed for my plants, what type of things will I notice upon using Dragon Juice®?
A: In the vegetative stage you will notice that initially upon applying Dragon Juice® to your plants, they will appear noticeably healthier and will point straight up to accept more light, usually within 24 to 48 hours. In comparison to non-Dragon Juiced® plants you will notice more fruiting sites within about 1-2 weeks of continued use as well as bigger plants by comparison. Dragon Juice® will get your plants off to a healthy start no matter what type of medium you are using coco, hydroponics and soil and soil-less mixtures. Healthy starter plant will produce healthy fruiting plants and will produce the most abundant fruit. A healthy plant will take care of natural pests.... naturally.
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