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Xtreme Dragon Juice®

Xtreme Dragon Juice®


Use the following chart as a guideline when applying Xtreme Dragon Juice® to your plants. Xtreme Dragon Juice® is a highly concentrated version of Original Dragon Juice®. For best results use 2/3 to 1 oz. per gallon of distilled water. Plants should be fully coated with mixed solution for maximum effect. Shake well while using and apply to both under and upper sides of leaves, flowers, and fruit.
8xtreme DSC6283
Xtreme Dragon Juice® is available in 1 oz. and 8 oz. concentrate bottle.
*1 oz. bottle makes 1 gallon*            *8 oz. bottle makes 8-12 gallons*
Also available in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon concentrate sizes.