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Dragon Juice® Testimonials


All customers are encouraged to submit feedback and testimonials. We want to know how Dragon Juice® is working in your garden. Your feedback is important to us. Send feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our goal is to deliver Superior Natural Plant Products. Made in The U.S.A.

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Dragon Juice® worked to increase our fruit production, while keeping in mind my concerns of providing a pesticide free "pick your own fruit" business.

... R.K. Grass Valley, CA.

"Dragon Juice® has helped me in keeping my outdoor plants thriving, while remaining pest free. Upon bringing them inside for the winter, it has truly made the transition worry free"

.... T.T. Alamosa, CO.

"I saw an increase in plant growth overnight"

.... J.L. LosAngeles, CA.

"I used to use pyretherum bombs...... not since using Dragon Juice®"

.....Satified Customer @ HTG Supply

"What a Phenomenal Product"

.....F.G. Mendocino, CA.

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Wholesale customer feedback:

CJ (Manager) HTG Supply (Hydroponic Retail Facility) in Commerce City Colorado:

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how stocking your product line has been going for us here at HTG Supply. Ever since we first started stocking Dragon Juice® we have had an increasingly high demand for the line. I was impressed by the demand because I don’t see many new products become so successful so quickly. In our industry many products come out and fade away very quickly, so the success of Dragon Juice® is a real testament to its effectiveness.

I originally started stocking Dragon Juice® because it was locally made and I wanted to support the local businesses in my area. I continue to stock it with pride because I myself have seen it work wonders, and every single one of my customers will agree. I have sold hundreds of bottles over time, and I have had the same feed back in every case. That the stuff works, it works fast, and it works very well! Not once have I ever heard otherwise.

As a retailer I can also appreciate your passion and in-depth knowledge about the product line. I see many vendors come in to my shop trying to push their products on to us for resale. All too often I am approached by rookie sales reps who barely even know what they are selling, let alone why a grower would want to use the product. This is especially true for nutrient vendors. I like how when you guys stop by (Juan and Andy) I am always educated and am guaranteed to learn something each and every single time. I feel like being able to buy and speak directly to the creators of this product has a major influence on my ability to educate the consumers about the product and education is a huge part of my job. We here at HTG Supply pride ourselves on being able to educate the consumer on every level, and people like you guys play a major role in my ability to do just that.

So thanks for all your efforts in helping me learn about the microbial world that makes up your product line. Thanks for the opportunity to sell your highly effective products, and thanks for your time. We look forward to a long, prosperous, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Yours Truly,

CJ from HTG Supply


"I saw Dragon Juice® triple my caregivers trichome production!!"

..... Legal Patient, Colorado

"Dragon Juice® took care of my whitefly problem"

....L. Smith, Denver, CO.

"I noticed a nice new layer of frost 2-3 days later on my headband, after 1 application"

.... Legal Grower, Mendocino, CA.

"Dragon Juice® elevated the quality of my meds to a new level"

Can't thank you enough!

... I didn't take before & after shots like i normally do. Next time I'll take pics & pass them on to you....
Thanks Again Andy & Juan! Sincerely, Joe S.