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Dragon Juice® Plant Spray Conditioners

Dragon Juice® is a Multi-Use Plant Spray Conditioner...

DragonJuice 8GALLON 2 300x400
PM2 4GALLON 2 300x400
Fire GALLON 2 300x400


Use as a daily or weekly foliar application for your garden.

Contains trace elements vital for promoting natural nutrient uptake in your garden, indoor or outdoor, you will notice immediate positive response from your plants.

Dragon Juice® patented formula also works great for many other applications included but not limited to:

~Foliar spray fertilizer~

~Plant wash~

~Wetting plus delivery agent~

~Used to promote natural nutrient uptake from the roots to your flowers~

~Contains micro-nutrients~


Happy plants are healthy plants, and healthy plants will fight natural problems on their own.

Dragon Juice® is Made from Naturally Occurring Ingredients it is: Non-Toxic to Humans and Pets Non-GMO Non-Pesticide No Hormones, Animal Parts or Sea products are used in making Dragon Juice® foliar spray.





Dragon Juice® PM2 and Dragon Fire® are also available. Any questions or orders can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 303-912-2013.


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The way you take care of your garden has changed!

Dragon Juice® Plant Spray Conditioner works on fruits, vegetables, flowers, wine grapes, foliage, ornamental, succulents and all types of plants.

Dragon Juice® is non-phototoxic so it can be applied night or day. Effectively helps feed your plants through the growth cycle and into the important final stages of flower. Completely soak the leaves on both sides and the entire plant for optimal results.

Dragon Juice® nutrient starts working on contact. Upon the first application you will notice your plants see no pause in growth. They actually start to drink more and grow vigorously. Use as directed.